January 22, 2021

SMR Gearbox Installation
Satisfactory functionality depends upon suitable installation. lubrication and servicing. therefore it’s important that the instructions during the installation and maintenance leaflet. provided with every gearbox. are followed very carefully. a number of the critical facets of belt and torque-arm installation are listed below.
one. Install pulley on gearbox input shaft as near on the reducer feasible, and mount reducer on driven shaft as shut to bearing as sensible. failure to try and do this may result in extra loads during the input shaft bearings and output bearings and could bring about their premature failure.
2. Install motor and wedge belt drive using the belt pull at roughly 90° towards the center line among driven and input shafts. this will allow tensioning of the wedge belt drive with all the torque arm which ought to ideally be in tension. if output hub runs anti-clockwise. torque arm ought to be positioned the correct.
3. lnstall torque-arm fulcrum on the rigid support to ensure the torque-arm is going to be at around correct angles for the center line through the driven shaft and also the torque arm situation bolt. ensure that there’s adequate take up during the turnbuckle for belt tension adjustment.
Retain close.
Bell drive might be found in any handy postion. if the torque arm is to be utilised to tighten the belts, the drive needs to be at about tight angle towards the line in between the input and output shafts.
Bell drive could possibly be positioned to your proper if sought after.
If output hub rotates clock-wise. place belt drive and torque arm in opposite course to that shown in the illustration.
Torque arm and belt consider up.
Torque arm may very well be mounted to your right if preferred.